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Acai Seed Extracts

Show Heart Health Support Potential ~

Extracts from Acai berry seeds may protect hearts against exercise intolerance and dysfunction.

According to a study, designed to evaluate Acai Fruit’s cardio-protective effects, scientists from Argentina’s Federal University of Rio de Janeiro found that an extract from seeds of Acai Fruit (Euterpe oleracea) reversed many of the damaging effects caused by Myocardial Infarction (MI) in animal models. Myocardial Infarction (MI) is the partial death of heart tissue and commonly known as heart attack. In the study, rats that were subjected to MI, had their diets supplemented with Acai seed extract; and after four weeks of Acai supplementation, the animals - in a running exercise - showed a significant increase in total distance from 178 meters to 970 meters. This also compared favorably with lab animals that were not subjected to MI (1339 meters). The Acai seed extracts were also associated with improvements in systolic blood pressure, which was negatively affected following MI. The researchers also found that Acai prevented the development of exercise intolerance, cardiac LV (left ventricular) hypertrophy, fibrosis and dysfunction in the MI rats. (Cardiac hypertrophy means the heart must work harder than normal to pump blood throughout the body.) Acai Berry resembles a purple grape and tastes like a tropical berry. Research has found it to possess powerful antioxidant properties because of its rich anthocyanins - pigments that are also present in red wine. One leading Acai researcher explained that the new study echoes a body of growing evidence of Acai pulp's potential beneficial effects on supporting cardiovascular health in vivo (living organisms).

Sources: National Institutes of Health and NutraIngredients

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Acai Seed Extracts

Show Heart Health Support Potential ~

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Daily demands, past regrets, future worries add up to anxiety from every side. Fight back! Take a breather. Spend at least ten minutes every day on deep breathing exercises. Inhale slowly (counting one to four), hold breath (counting slowly to four), exhale slowly (counting to four). Repeat for ten minutes; you’ll feel the results right away, and you can do this easily while driving, at your desk, outdoors, shopping - whenever you can. It works. Try sipping a cup of Green Tea; it’s also thought to help boost mood, increase mental focus and melt away stress. Simple natural stress relievers can work for you. Give them a try.



You shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of comfort foods to stay healthy! It’s important to incorporate healthier versions of your favorites into your lifestyle, for maximum enjoyment and maximum results. It can be as easy as changing an ingredient or using a different cooking method. You can use applesauce when baking for sweetness, try whole grain flour and pasta, replace salt with spices and herbs, or grill your veggies with olive oil instead of cooking them in butter or frying. This week prepare your usual recipes with a twist! If you’re having guests over, get them to try the updated dishes and add their own favorites to your rotation.



If you are new to exercise, remember to pace yourself. Select a low-to-moderate intensity exercise such as yoga, cycling (leisurely), gardening, mall walking, water-aerobics or swimming (moderate pace). Gradually increase the intensity and duration of exercise as you become fitter, to help maintain your lowered blood pressure. Remember safety: No matter what exercise you do, be aware of your limitations. If the exercise or activity hurts, stop! If you feel dizzy or have discomfort in your chest, arms or throat, stop! Also, go slower on hot days or in overheated areas, and exercise in a cooler facility.



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