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Receives Official Cholesterol-Lowering Health Claim Approval ~

Canada is the first country in the world to sanction a beneficial health-related claim for Flaxseed use on food labels.

Health claims are an important way to inform consumers about the nutritional value of products and also to let consumers know how many servings of a particular food or supplement they’ll need to eat in order to obtain the maximum health benefit. Health Canada, the Canadian government agency that establishes standards for the safety and nutritional quality of all foods sold in Canada, has authorized the claim that FLAXSEED helps to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels - a risk factor for heart disease. Products containing Flaxseed are now able to boast that daily consumption of 40 grams (five tablespoons) of the ground whole Flaxseed significantly lowers cholesterol. Canada is the first country in the world to approve a health-related claim for Flaxseed for use on food labels, and this news is encouraging for the many Flaxseed fans who already enjoy its health benefits. This endorsement paves the way for more development and potential demand for food and beverage products incorporating the ingredient. An incredibly nutritious crop, Flax’s Omega-3 Fatty Acids , fiber and other nutritional benefits have made Flaxseed a popular food ingredient for people of all ages. Available in whole seed and ground whole seed forms (grinding or milling the seeds makes the nutrients more bio-available), Flaxseed is lauded mostly for its important Omega-3 Fatty Acids and fiber content - although it also includes other important benefits. This claim is one of only a dozen deemed to meet the rigorous scientific criteria established by Health Canada and opens the door for manufacturers to provide a way of delivering healthy functionality to a variety of food products.

Sources: Tufts University Health and Nutrition Letter and Flax Council of Canada

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You may not have to give up your favorite foods. Preparing them differently could help tame your heartburn. You might be able to bake, broil, grill or roast some foods instead of frying them. And you could trim extra fat off meat and poultry, and cut the skin off chicken. Little tweaks might trim enough fat to make a difference for heartburn - and your overall health.


Rashes can occur for various reasons, including medical conditions and reactions to products, temperature, foods or medications. After ascertaining the cause of the rash and ensuring that it is not contagious, the U.S. National Library of Medicine offers these suggestions on how to care for your skin during a rash: Don't scrub (or scratch) your skin. Wash skin with warm - not hot - water, and gently pat it dry. Do not use harsh soap, but a mild cleanser instead. Some people respond well to washing the affected area with Chamomile tea (make extra tea and enjoy a soothing, relaxing drink). Don't cover the rash with cosmetic lotions or ointments. If you've recently tried any new cosmetics of lotions, stop using them. Expose the rash to the fresh air as much as possible.



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