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Blueberry Powder Shows Immune System and Cardiovascular Benefits ~

Supplements containing Blueberry Powder may boost the levels of the immune system’s Natural Killer (NK) Cells and lower blood pressure in sedentary men and women.

Recent research conducted at North Carolina’s Appalachian State University found that six weeks of daily ingestion of whole powdered BLUEBERRY (Vaccinium corymbosum) increases Natural Killer (NK) cell counts and reduces arterial stiffness in sedentary males and females. Natural Killer Cells are vital contributors to the immune system and can display cytotoxic (cell-killing) activity against virus-infected and cancerous cells. The findings, published in Nutrition Research, indicated NK cell levels increased by about 4% after daily supplementation with the equivalent of 250 grams of Blueberries, compared to placebo. Blood pressure, vascular performance testing and blood samples were taken at baseline (pre-supplementation); and after six weeks of supplementation, data from the men and postmenopausal women indicated that aortic systolic pressures were significantly decreased in the participants receiving the Blueberry powder supplements, compared with placebo. Furthermore, participants who were classified as pre-hypertensive (blood pressures over 120/80 mmHg) exhibited significant decreases in diastolic pressure after six weeks of supplementation, compared to baseline values. Blueberries’ health effects are linked to their flavonoid content, especially anthocyanins and flavanols, and consumer interest in Blueberries and their compounds has increased recently, following scientific evidence reporting a wide range of health benefits, most notably brain health and reducing the risk of cognitive decline. The scientists note that future investigations should aim to determine timing of ingestion and quantity of Blueberry that must be ingested for these positive changes to occur and conclude that Blueberry ingestion for six weeks can increase NK cells and reduce aortic systolic blood pressures, diastolic pressures and AIx (augmentation index used to evaluate arterial stiffness) in sedentary males and females.

Sources: Nutrition Research and NutraIngredients

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Blueberry Powder Shows Immune System and Cardiovascular Benefits ~

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Back to school often means medical exams for students, and Mom and Dad, it may be time to leave your teenager in the doctor’s exam room. For parents of teenagers, medical professionals at Lehigh Valley Hospital, Pennsylvania, suggest that growing teenagers often feel uncomfortable when trying to discuss health problems or sexual subjects with their doctors when parents are present. If your teen is still comfortable with a pediatrician, it may be time to let him/her talk privately. If your teen doesn’t want to continue visiting a pediatrician, help your teen choose a new doctor - an adolescent medical specialist, a family medical doctor, an internist or nurse-practitioner who cares specifically for teens. Someone of the same sex also often makes an adolescent more comfortable when discussing personal issues.



Try These Easy Tips:

If you find yourself sitting for hours at a time, try the following: 1. When watching TV, stand up and move about during commercials - march in place or tidy up the room. 2. Iron or fold laundry while watching TV. 3. Keep a pair of light weights next to your chair, and lift them as you watch TV. 4. Stand up or stroll while talking on the phone (up/down stairs is also great). 5. Stand as you read your daily newspaper. 6. Forego the dishwasher and stand at the sink to wash and dry dishes by hand. 7. Attack housework vigorously - stretch and lift as you scrub, mop or vacuum. 8. Walk your dog an extra block. 9. Spend time raking, hoeing, pruning and digging in your garden (you can work off lots of calories that way). 10. Don't hire a contractor (unless an emergency). Try to take on a few home-improvement projects yourself. 11. Take your children or grandchildren to the playground where you can engage in activities like pushing them on a swing. 12. Take a pleasant stroll after dinner every evening.



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