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What you should know before you buy... WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW

When choosing herbal remedies, it is important to be armed with a few facts. First, you should make your purchases from a reputable company. HERBAL EXTRACTS PLUS continually researches the latest information available to keep you up to date with the newest breakthroughs for the use of our herbal supplements. Remember, preventive medicine is the best of all cures.

Member of the American Herbal Products AssociationMember of the American Botanical Council.There are several fine yardsticks to measure the quality of herbal supplement manufacturers. Membership in creditable herbal trade groups, such as the following, is an excellent way to start. When HERBAL EXTRACTS PLUS was manufacturing and offering premier botanical products, we were members of the American Herbal Products Association (visit their website at www.ahpa.org) and the American Botanical Council  (visit their website at www.herbalgram.org).  They provide great support for those who are seeking additional information about the use of herbs.

Another good reference is the length of experience a firm has been in the business of providing herbal supplements. Herbal Extracts Plus originally began providing the finest, first-quality all-natural herbs, spices, nutrients and time-honored blended herbal therapies almost two decades ago; and although no longer offering our premium botanicals, we continue to serve all your botanical health informational needs to help maximize your good health right now, and maintain your best physical condition for many years to come.

When you are ready to select herbs and make your purchases, it is always wise to follow the directions for use and to avoid overuse.  While most herbs are not harmful, they may produce allergic reactions, precipitate discomforts or even be toxic if overused.  Always follow directions

We also recommend that any course of treatment for specific health conditions be followed in consultation with a qualified health care provider.

Use the proper herbs. When selecting an herb for a particular use, read about its background (HERBAL EXTRACTS PLUS provides a history for each of our single herbs), how it can be used, how it might benefit you - and then use it for that purpose.

When using an herb for the first time, start small.  Use a smaller amount to be sure that you are not allergic to it, and then proceed with the regular prescribed dosage.

Common sense, of course, should always prevail.  You should not self medicate or remedy serious health problems with herbal supplements.  When a serious medical condition exists, always consult your physician first.

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