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Botanical: Griffonia simplicifolia
Family: Leguminosae (legume)

Other common names: Griffonia

Suffering from migraines, depression, insomnia, anxiety?   Griffonia Seed may provide relief for you.

It has been used to ease the chronic pain of fibromyalgia, including morning stiffness, spine, neck and shoulder pain and chronic headaches.

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Griffonia is a stout, woody evergreen with greenish flowers and inflated black pods, and it is found principally in the West and Central African countries.  It may be seen mostly in forests and thickets in the vicinity of termite mounds and on plains and old farms, growing to about ten feet in height. It is an adaptable shrub, producing fair quantities of palatable and nutritive herbage, as well as large seeds that are used in medicinal preparations. Traditional African uses for Griffonia include the utilization of the stem and roots as chewing sticks, leaves for wound healing, and leaf juice for the treatment of bladder and kidney ailments. Today, the seed of this climbing shrub is used in the treatment of fibromyalgia, headaches, insomnia, depression and stomach problems.  The active constituents are 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) and lectin I-b4.

Beneficial Uses:
Griffonia Seed has been used to reduce the pain and anxiety associated with fibromyalgia, a chronic disorder marked by widespread musculo-skeletal pain, fatigue and tenderness in localized areas, particularly in the neck, spine, shoulders and hips and may cause sleep disturbances, morning stiffness, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety and many other symptoms.  In controlled studies, Griffonia was shown to be effective in reducing many of these symptoms.

In regard to headaches, Griffonia Seed has demonstrated an ability to relieve both the frequency and severity of attacks of migraines in many clinical trials. The 5-HTP content was found to be as effective in treatment and prevention of migraines as beta-blockers or methysergide.

Griffonia Seed has demonstrated an ability to raise serotonin levels in the brain, which can lead to relief from depression, insomnia, anxiety and eating disorders.   Griffonia is a natural source of 5HTP

(5-Hydroxytryptophan), an enhancing amino acid that is a highly absorbable type of tryptophan, an essential amino acid with a documented sleep inducing effect. It is also a direct precursor to serotonin, the hormone that influences a number of bodily functions and also serves as a neurotransmitter that exerts a calming effect and regulates sleep.  In tests, Griffonia Seed was said to improve the duration and depth of sleep in cases of insomnia.

There have been some reports that Griffonia Seed is used in weight loss therapy.  At higher doses, the

5-HPT content is said to reduce appetite and promote weight loss.

Griffonia Seed Herbal Supplement is not recommended if you are using MAO inhibitors.

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