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Herbal Extracts Plus has developed Kidney and Bladder Support, a blend consisting of unique all-natural herbal extracts to help maintain the dynamic functions of the kidneys and bladder.  The function of the kidneys is vital to a healthy body.  After your body has taken what it needs from the foods you eat, waste is sent to the blood.  Every day, your kidneys filter out waste products from the blood.  These waste products, in combination with water, are what is defined as urine, and it passes from the kidneys through two narrow, muscular tubes called ureters.  The ureters empty the urine into the bladder, and from there it is excreted from the body through a tubelike structure called the urethra.  If your kidneys do not remove these wastes, they can build up in the blood and ultimately affect the health of your body organs and your overall health.  Routine use of this Kidney and Bladder Support  will support thorough urinary tract cleansing and improved kidney and bladder performance.

The information presented herein by Herbal Extracts Plus is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

Purpose of Formulation:
Kidney and Bladder Support  provides numerous herbal ingredients that have an ability to support a healthy urinary tract by improving the performance of the kidneys and the bladder.

Other Applications:  

  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Aids the digestion process.

Our Proprietary Herbal Remedies are encapsulated and we have several bottle sizes available.  Scroll down for these size and ordering options.

Herbal Ingredients:
Our products contain 100% pure plant-based/natural materials using no fillers, grains, yeast, sugars, binders, excipients, starches or synthetic materials.

Recommended Dosage:
Take two (2) capsules each morning, and take one (1) capsule in the evening for optimal health support benefits.

Kidney and Bladder Support  is not recommended if you are pregnant. Those with serious or chronic kidney disease should consult a physician prior to use.

Herbal Ingredient Information: The following information is a brief overview describing each of the above ingredients in our herbal support for the bladder and kidneys and what properties each contributes to make up this proprietary blend.

  • Carrot is a potent antiseptic (in addition to its diuretic qualities) that relieves bladder and urinary infection, including chronic cystitis.  Carrot has been used for centuries as an effective natural diuretic, and as such, it has helped to eliminate excess water retention and relieve edema (the accumulation of fluid in tissues that produce swelling).  The increased urine flow also benefits the kidneys, purifying them and flushing out toxins, stones, gravel, calculus, uric acid and other obstructions that cause chronic kidney and gallbladder diseases.
  • Corn Silk is an old and effective diuretic that promotes the flow of urine, relieving excess water retention, and it has been used to treat acute and chronic cystitis, urethritis, prostatitis (and other prostate disorders) and prevent urinary stones.  Unlike other diuretics, however, the high level of potassium in Corn Silk offsets potassium loss caused by the increased urination.  It also relieves bladder irritation caused by the accumulation of uric acid and gravel and eases the pain of burning urination.  When Corn Silk is given to children (or adults) several hours prior to bedtime, it is said to diminish the occurrence of enuresis (bedwetting).  Because it soothes bladder irritation, Corn Silk generally helps to reduce the occurrence of frequent urination problems.
  • Cranberry is known for killing the bacteria that cause kidney and bladder infections, and it is also helpful in dissolving kidney stones and gallstones. The common Cranberry is one of Nature's best weapons against cystitis and urinary tract infections.  It is a diuretic and urinary antiseptic that helps prevent the spread of bacterial infection in the urinary tract.  Recent studies suggest that Cranberry prevents bacteria from sticking to the wall of the bladder, thus flushing the potential troublemakers out of the body before they do damage.  Cranberry also has a high acid content that increases the urine's acid content, helping to kill the bacteria that cause infection.
  • Gravel Root is a potent diuretic that works well on the genitourinary system and uterus.  The herb promotes urine production, and the increased flow has the ability to flush waste from the kidneys, removing stones and sediment and also helping to dissolve systemic, inorganic crystalline deposits.  Gravel Root has been used as an almost infallible remedy for gravel and accumulations of the bladder, kidney and urinary tract.  Gravel Root is believed to relieve the back pain that is caused by kidney inflammation.  Further supporting the urinary tract, Gravel Root is said to soothe its irritated mucous membranes, and because it is also considered an antiseptic, it is believed to relieve inflammatory infections and other ailments common to the urinary tract, including cystitis, prostatitis, urethritis, vaginitis and leukorrhoea.  The herb is also thought to treat enuresis (the involuntary discharge of urine, usually during sleep at night), which is helpful for children and incontinence in the elderly.  Gravel Root is used to encourage a reliable urine flow in cases where the urge is there, but the flow is not.  Gravel Root's increased urine flow (in addition to its astringent properties) also helps to remove excess retained water from the body, which benefits dropsy/edema (the accumulation of fluid in tissues that produces swelling) and excess water weight.  It is also used to help hematuria (blood in the urine).
  • Dandelion Root is known for keeping the internal organs clean and clear.  As a blood purifier, Dandelion is considered an excellent treatment that cleanses poisons from the body.  Through its actions both on the liver and kidneys, it gently eliminates toxic wastes from the body. The natural nutritive salts purify the blood and also help neutralize the acids in the blood.  Dandelion is an excellent nutritive that is a valuable source of sodium, minerals (especially potassium), large amounts of vitamins A, B-complex, C and D, and trace elements.
  • Goldenrod stimulates the kidneys and supports overall good kidney health.  As a diuretic and urinary antiseptic, Goldenrod promotes the irrigation of the urinary tract and flow of urine (further flushing the kidneys and bladder) and has been helpful in treating bacterial urinary infections.  Recent research has called Goldenrod an "aquaretic," and better than a straight diuretic, maintaining that the herb clears water from the body with no loss of important electrolytes.
  • Hydrangea has a long history as one of the finest herbs for a healthy urinary tract and for promoting a healthy prostate.  It combats infection and is believed to very helpful in treating inflamed or enlarged prostate and bladder infection, including cystitis, urethritis and prostatitis, etc.  Hydrangea stimulates the kidneys to release retained fluid and helps to prevent the formation of gravel.  It will also help to pass deposits through the ureters from the kidneys to the bladder.  Further supporting a healthy urinary tract, Hydrangea helps treat urine problems, such as frequent urination that may also be accompanied by burning pain, and it has been used to help treat bedwetting problems in children.  Hydrangea is believed to be a blood cleanser and may treat lymphatic conditions that are caused by poor blood.
  • Parsley Seed is a natural diuretic that purifies the blood and accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.  The herb can also ease bloating, reduce excess water weight and improve urination when it is painful or incomplete.  The seeds have been valued since ancient times for their soothing, diuretic effect on those with kidney and bladder ailments and are believed to help expel gallstones and kidney stones.  Because of its diuretic action, Parsley is thought to lower blood pressure, reduce the heart rate and relieve hypertension.  Parsley is also considered a mild laxative.
  • Uva Ursi is used to promote the excretion of fluids.  Moreover, it helps to reduce the accumulation of uric acid in the blood and promotes the flushing of wastes and toxins from the system, which helps to ease rheumatism and other diseases marked by the accumulation of acids and waste products, such as gout, arthritis, nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) and kidney stones. There have been reports that Uva Ursi may also be helpful in dissolving kidney stones.
  • Burdock Root promotes sweating, which helps to release toxins through the skin, and it also promotes increased urine, further eliminating toxins via the kidneys and bladder.  The increased flow of urine relieves both the kidneys and lymphatic system and has many beneficial effects.  It rids the body of excess water weight, relieves swelling around joints and alleviates edema.  Burdock may be nature's best blood purifier and "alterative," which has numerous beneficial effects on the body, helping to alleviate many ailments.  As an "alterative," Burdock is considered an agent that stimulates the efficient removal of waste products, and it is said to cleanse and eliminate long-term impurities from the blood very rapidly through its action on both the liver and kidneys.
  • Chamomile possesses antioxidant and antiseptic qualities.  Evidence indicates that its use neutralizes certain germs and prevents infection, including staph and strep toxins.  As an antifungal, it helps to combat Candida albicans and other yeast infections. Chamomile is considered to be the most gentle of the ancient herbs that is still popular today.
  • Juniper Berry is an effective natural diuretic and urinary antiseptic that not only promotes the flow of urine, but also treats infection of the urinary tract at the same time.  As a diuretic, the herb stimulates the kidneys and bladder to get rid of retained and excess water (possibly also helping to treat obesity).  Juniper increases the filtering of waste products by the kidneys and helps to expel prostate sediment and gallstones.  It is also thought to dissolve kidney stones.  The herb helps to prevent the crystallization of uric acid in the kidneys, retaining it in solution and passing it in the urine; this is of great benefit to those suffering from gout (a condition marked by painful inflammation of the joints caused by deposits of uric acid).  Juniper Berry is considered a purifier of the blood and overall system cleanser, and by removing acid and toxic wastes from the body, the herb helps to reduce overall susceptibility to disease.  Considered an excellent antiseptic, Juniper Berry helps to control general infection and disease.
  • Marshmallow Root's particular excellence involves soothing irritated tissue, and it relieves various forms of inflammation, especially of the mucous membranes, since it is high in mucilage, which is very soothing to the membranes.  It aids the body in expelling excess fluid and mucus.
  • Rehmannia Root is considered a tonic for the blood and enhances circulation throughout the body, especially to the brain.  As a blood energizer, the herb has been used to treat blood-related deficiencies, including anemia, dizziness, pallid face and light-headedness.  Some studies echo the ancient claim that the herb may actually strengthen the liver, kidneys and heart.
  • Cayenne is called a carrier or catalyst herb that increases the efficacy of almost every other herb or herbal combination.  Cayenne is an anti-inflammatory and is also a powerful stimulant that boosts metabolism, helps to enhance athletic performance and is valuable in treating prostration.  Cayenne is an overall digestive aid that stimulates the production of gastric juices, clears excess mucus from the stomach, helps to alleviate stomach ulcers from within, improves the appetite and relieves nausea from seasickness.  It is also a carminative that helps to relieve gas.
  • Peppermint is a stimulant that acts more powerfully on the system than any liquor, quickly diffusing through the system and bringing back to the body its natural warmth and glow.  Peppermint is a "nervine" that eases nervous agitation and anxiety.  It has a calming effect on the entire body and can help soothe a nagging cough.  Peppermint also promotes good digestion and improves the appetite.

Capsule Size:
Herbal Extracts Plus uses only 100% Gluten-free, Vegetable Cellulose, Certified Kosher, size "00" capsules for all of our encapsulated products.  Each capsule contains approximately 600 mgs of powdered herb material.

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