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Support for Parasite Elimination  is a unique botanical combination of herbal extracts that have been used effectively for many years as body cleansers.   Herbal Extract Plus has developed this blend to support the body's actions to destroy and eliminate parasitic infestations.  Parasite infections arise from the intrusion of roundworms, tapeworms, protozoa, micro-organisms and flukes into the body, and they enter via the mouth or the skin.  They are found in contaminated soil, vegetables, meat and water.  Symptoms of such infections may include stomach pains, diarrhea, anemia, nausea, dysentery, amoebic hepatitis, weight loss, intestinal toxemia, colic and cirrhosis.  Support for Parasite Elimination  is considered a "vermifuge," which helps to kill and expel parasites from the body and is used as an herbal remedy for intestinal worms.

The information presented herein by Herbal Extracts Plus is intended for educational purposes only. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent disease. Individual results may vary, and before using any supplements, it is always advisable to consult with your own health care provider.

Purpose of Formulation:
Support for Parasite Elimination  helps the body destroy and expel parasites.

Other Applications:

  • Provides botanical support for symptoms of snakebites, trauma and shock.
  • Acts as a routine natural supplement and body cleanser.

Our Proprietary Herbal Remedies are encapsulated and we have several bottle sizes available. Scroll down for these size and ordering options.

Herbal Ingredients:
Our products contain 100% pure plant-based/natural materials using no fillers, grains, yeast, sugars, binders, excipients, starches or synthetic materials.

Recommended Dosage:
This blend of herbs is intended as a periodic regimen for the elimination of parasites from the body. Support for Parasite Elimination is not intended for on-going, long-term use. It is recommended to take a complete regimen (one to two 60-capsule bottles) of this product approximately every three months.  The first time you take Support for Parasite Elimination, it is recommended that you take two (2) complete bottles (60 capsules per bottle) based on the regimen outlined below; otherwise, one (1) bottle (60 capsules per bottle) is usually sufficient for repeated quarterly usage.

  • Day 1 - take one (1) capsule, three (3) times a day.
  • Day 2 - take two (2) capsules, three (3) times a day.
  • Day 3 - take three (3) capsules, three (3) times a day.
  • Day 4 - take four (4) capsules, three (3) times a day.
  • Then, remain at this dosage until one or two bottles are fully consumed.

Note:   If you travel to other countries, it is a good idea to take one (1) or two (2) capsules, three (3) times a day during your trip.  It is strongly recommended that you drink plenty of good, pure water while taking Support for Parasite Elimination to better assist your body in eliminating toxins. Vegetable juice is acceptable as well.  It is recommended that you avoid alcohol, milk, sugar and soft drinks during this time.

Some individuals may develop a sluggish feeling as the toxins are being expelled from their body.  If this happens, just decrease the dosage.  This feeling should subside as your system is cleansed.

Herbal Ingredient Information: The following information is a brief overview describing each of the above herbal ingredients and what properties each contributes to make up this proprietary blend.

  • Black Walnut Hull helps to cleanse the body of parasites.  It is strongly purgative, but at the same time is considered safe.  It expels and destroys intestinal parasites during the normal course of laxative-induced cleansing of the body. Black Walnut Hull is particularly effective against pinworm, tapeworm and ringworm infestation.  Black Walnut also acts as an antiseptic with antibacterial agents that combat infectious micro-organisms and bacterial infections.  As a vermifuge, Black Walnut Hull cleanses the body of many types of parasites; the hulls' high tannin and juglone content is believed to oxygenate the blood and kill parasites and intestinal worms.  The large vitamin C content in Black Walnut is also thought to be responsible for fighting other infections.  Black Walnut is considered a tonic that aids digestion and the intestinal system.
  • Pumpkin Seeds are known to be a powerful and effective anthelmintic that will kill and expel worm infestations in children and adults.  The unusual amino acid, cucurbitin, in Pumpkin Seeds is said to make the herb one of the most efficient remedies for killing intestinal parasites, including tapeworms and roundworms, and its zinc content also aids in expelling worms.  Pumpkin Seeds are said to be helpful in alleviating nausea, motion sickness and travel sickness.
  • Grapefruit Seed kills many different types of parasites and supports the body in producing beneficial bacteria.  A biologically active natural ingredient assists the body in killing strep, staph, salmonella, E. coli, Candida albicans, herpes, influenza, parasites and travelers' diarrhea.  It is also used as an antibiotic, antifungal, anti-protozoan, antiviral and antiseptic.  Grapefruit Seed extract is also good for washing vegetables before eating to remove any bacteria or parasites.
  • Ginger Root is effective in combating parasitic infection.  In Japan, Ginger is included with sushi to ward off parasites and also to clear the palate and improve digestion. The chemical, zingibain, in Ginger kills the anisakid worm, a parasite sometimes carried in raw fish.  The antibiotic activity of Ginger's, shogaol and zingerone, is said to strongly inhibit the growth of salmonella and other bacteria. Ginger helps improve digestion and has been known to pep up the appetite, promote saliva production, combat dyspepsia and relieve flatulent colic.  Ginger is a wonderful and time-honored remedy used to settle a queasy stomach, control vomiting, ease morning sickness and motion sickness.
  • Garlic helps to detoxify the body.  As an herbal body cleanser, it stimulates the lymphatic system to throw off waste materials. This powerful detoxifier strengthens blood vessels, providing protection against pollutants and heavy metal toxicity.  It cleanses the kidneys and increases urine flow.  Garlic is a powerful antibiotic that destroys harmful bacteria and leaves behind beneficial bacteria for the body to utilize as an infection fighter.  Garlic has been beneficial in ridding the bowel of parasites and is known to destroy many types of worms.  Garlic is antiviral and antifungal and has been shown to inhibit the growth of Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium implicated in the formation of ulcers in the digestive system (peptic ulcer).
  • Cayenne is an overall digestive aid that stimulates the production of gastric juices, clears excess mucus from the stomach, helps to alleviate stomach ulcers from within, improves the appetite and relieves nausea from seasickness.  It is also a carminative that helps to relieve gas.  Cayenne help to strengthen the immune system and destroy many types of worms as well.   Cayenne is an overall tonic that is said to build up resistance to illness, and it is called a carrier or catalyst herb that increases the efficacy of almost every other herb or herbal combination.

Capsule Size:
Herbal Extracts Plus uses only 100% Gluten-free, Vegetable Cellulose, Certified Kosher, size "00" capsules for all of our encapsulated products.  Each capsule contains approximately 600 mgs of powdered herb material.

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